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If you know me through Instagram, you’ll likely not know a huge amount about me. That’s mostly because I’ve done a pretty bad job of telling you. So, here it is. I’m a 27-year-old photographer with a passion for creating powerful images.

I grew up just outside of Edinburgh, where I also went to university and studied French and Spanish Translation with Linguistics. I’ve always been interested in how people interact with pictures and what they can make someone feel.

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring Scotland, camera in hand. There’s something exciting about the creative process of seeing a shot in my mind and heading out to make it a reality.

How I'll Help

About You

Being a photographer is about far more than just taking photos. Before every photo shoot, we’ll have a chat about why you want new images. Is it part of a campaign? Do you want your audience to feel a certain way? How do you want to come across?

After we’ve discussed how you want to use your images, we’re on to the pre-production. This is a key part of everyshoot and we’ll look at all aspects such as colour theory, your competitive environment, and customer profiling. We’ll take these factors into account when we’re choosing props, locations, models, poses, and more.

By this stage, the shoot should be a breeze. With proper discussions and preparation beforehand, we minimise the ‘make it up as we go along’ tactic. That said, a bit of spontaneity never goes a miss on shoot day. 

Post Production Magic .

From creating the mood of the image, making sure all the colours are working effectively together or removing things like defects in products – this is where the magic happens.

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