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Stunning visuals sell. If you are looking to hire a photographer in Glasgow, hit the services button. To get inside, local knowledge of Scotland and stories of my travels, hit the blog button.
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Product & Lifestyle

Effective product and lifestyle photography should inspire people to buy from you.  All it takes is a camera and someone that really understands how to make things look beautiful. If you’re looking for a product photographer in Glasgow, get in touch.

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PR & Corporate Photography

Need a photographer to capture your PR or corporate event? I get to know what you’re looking to achieve and work with you to produce stunning photographs that capture your business personality. Effective for internal comms and marketing.

Event Photographer Glasgow

Event Photography

Make the most of your event by turning it into a visual story you can share. Whether it’s to promote a new product or get people together, I’ll blend into the background and capture the special moments. I try to avoid overly posed awkward shots. 

Get in Touch

Do you do wedding photography in Glasgow?

At the moment, I don’t offer Glasgow wedding photography. The reason for this? I simply don’t have the experience. While I’m sure I could do a good job of your special day, I’d be uncomfortable charging for a service I’m not confident about. I do have a network of wedding photographers in Glasgow, so if you’re looking for one, I’m happy to help out.

How much do you charge for photography?

If you’re looking for a photographer in Glasgow, I’m sure one of your first considerations is cost. I try to avoid the fixed price approach. The main reason for this is that each job is uniquely different from the equipment needed, time spent shooting, time spent editing and other aspects.

Do you work outside of Glasgow?

Absolutely. I love when I can get out of town and shoot in different areas. I’m happy to work wherever the job takes me, be it the Highlands or further. Just let me know what you’ve got in mind and we’ll work it out.

Can you do a family shoot?

This isn’t a service I offer at the moment. My main focus for just now is producing lifestyle and candid style photography for businesses in Glasgow and throughout Scotland.

Stories and Guides

Get local Scottish road trip insights as well as photography secrets, editing tricks, and stories about my travels.