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Karen was launching her new consultancy business in the Fin-Tech and Ed-Tech space. She wanted professional businesses headshots to help her stand out and build trust.

Woman Professional Headshot

Project Details

I took a series of corporate and business headshots for Karen Benavente to use for her new consultancy start-up.

ClientKaren Benavente
CategoryHeadshot Photography
LocationB+B Hotel, Edinburgh
Behind the Business

The Insight

Karen Benavente has a background in finance and wanted to launch a consultancy business in the Fin-Tech and Ed-Tech sector. When Karen approached me to take headshots, she mentioned she wanted an academic yet approachable feel to the images. Karen described her vision: sitting in an armchair with books and a fireplace. Fortunately, I knew a place exactly like that.

My Thought Process

The Idea

When Karen explained how she wanted the images to look, I knew exactly where to go for the location. I had recently produced some images for B+B Hotel in Edinburgh. It used to be owned by the founder of the Scotsman and is now a boutique hotel with some amazing interior spaces.

Fortunately, I have a good relationship with the manager of the hotel and we were able to book it at a great price.

I wanted the images to feel friendly yet serious and business yet cosy. The location of the photoshoot provided the perfect cosy feel that we were looking for. Karen brought a change of outfit; one was a more casual look and one was more formal. Karen’s choice of outfits, plus the laptop as a prop, really helped us to create the right look and feel.


The Impact

Karen now has an excellent set of professional business portraits that she can use to help win clients over. Due to our planning with the location, outfits, and props, Karen comes across as approachable yet someone you can trust with your money. 

Some More Images

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