Cowan & Sons

I recently took some images for Cowan & Sons in Edinburgh. It’s one of my favourite cafes in Edinburgh and there wasn’t much food left at the end of the shoot.

Cowan & Sons Food Photography

Project Details

I took a series of food photography images for Cowan & Sons, an independent cafe in Edinburgh. We split the work over a couple of days and ate way too much of our subject.

ClientCowan & Sons
CategoryFood Photography
LocationStockbridge, Edinburgh
Behind the Business

The Insight

Cowan & Sons is one of Edinburgh’s top brunch and coffee spots situated in the heart of Stockbridge. Formerly a fishmonger, the cafe can boast an incredible 20 years in business through great service and delicious food. Rebecca and Noel, the husband and wife owners, wanted a series of images that they could use on their new website.

My Thought Process

The Idea

Cowan & Sons has an excellent reputation in Edinburgh as one of the best brunch and coffee spots. I really wanted the images to reflect their reputation and I also wanted them to reflect the cosy and rustic feeling to the interior. 

I took advantage of the natural light for some images to help create a more authentic feel to the images. For others, I used my portable lighting setup to bring out all the best parts of each dish. In my editing, in order to maintain a rustic and homely feel, I add a grain effect to the images.


The Impact

Rebecca and Noel now have a series of professional interior and food photography that they can use on their new website. The impact is that those who have never been in the cafe get a real sense of how it feels to relax there. The images are engaging and inviting, allowing the viewer to imagine themself in that environment. They also help to build a level of trust and a sense of approachability, a crucial factor in convincing people to buy from you.

Some More Images

And here are some more images from the shoot. Do you want more people to visit your business? Get in touch today.

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