Wolfies Whisky

Step behind the scenes of Wolfies Whisky’s latest campaign, where the energy of Rod Stewart’s music era is captured through rule-breaking photography.

Project Details

Wolfies Whisky, the latest venture from rock legend Rod Stewart, is a whisky brand that embodies the raucous spirit of Americana and Rod’s ‘Cockney Scotsman’ persona. The brand is a tribute to Rod’s Scottish heritage and his most uninhibited days of rock ‘n’ roll.

With the goal of appealing to a new generation and moving away from the traditional, often rigid imagery associated with whisky, Wolfies Whisky wanted to create a series of fun, disruptive, and rule-breaking images. The objective was to capture the essence of rock ‘n’ roll in a way that resonates with younger audiences while maintaining a candid and unpolished aesthetic.

Services Provided:

The project involved lifestyle drinks photography with a focus on creating a spontaneous and energetic atmosphere. Services included lighting, styling assistance, and the development of multiple setups to produce a diverse range of images suitable for social media


The primary challenge was capturing a wide range of images within a one-day shoot. The photoshoot required maintaining high energy levels throughout the day to achieve the desired candid feel. A one-light setup using hard flash was employed to draw viewers into the scene, creating the impression of being part of a lively night out.


The client was thrilled with the final images, which have been extensively shared across social media platforms. The photographs have gained significant engagement from both fans and the press, injecting a fresh and youthful vibe into Wolfies’ branding.

I’m looking forward to more shoots to come! 🥃

ClientWolfies Whisky
CategoryDrinks Photography | Lifestyle Photography
LocationThe Dirty Duchess, Glasgow
AgencyShaka Social

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